Profile - Dan Kruger - Kawasaki Superbike Team China - Pro Superbike in the greater China Region


Dan Kruger has raced just about every form of motorized vehicle imaginable since the young age of 10. He turned PRO at age 15 following the Supercross/Arenacross circuit on 3 wheel and then 4 wheel ATVs.

He conquered flat track racing and was a front runner of the ICE Series that had the top US riders compete against the top Canadian riders at indoor venues on Ice.

He tried a stint at Personal Watercraft racing, Oval track car racing before realizing it was 2 wheel Superbikes that was his real passion. He started in Amateur but quickly moved to Pro within less than a season.

He has raced for a number of bike manufacturers over the years but has settled in with Kawasaki for the past 3 years. Living in Canada but racing in China has proven to be Dan’s calling. The travel is hard but he has found his rhythm and keeps surprising everyone around him with his speed and top results.

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